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Squiz DXP

Refreshing a tech leader's content strategy

A leader in SaaS solutions for higher education and government, Squiz DXP engaged Avion to support its shift towards highly engaging, specialised long-form content. So, what is a DXP?

The opportunity


Squiz DXP identified an opportunity in its SEO performance. They wanted to shift from ranking for brand-specific keywords and instead build out a comprehensive content strategy that attracted top-of-funnel conversion opportunities. The end goal was to position Squiz DXP as thought leaders in the future of designing and sophisticated digital experiences.

The result


Within six months of a new long-form content strategy, Squiz DXP more than doubled blog traffic, while laying the foundation towards long-tail keyword phrase ranking in Google SERPs. Performance of relevant product keywords increased significantly, proving the value of investing in content as a form of organic marketing and customer education and engagement. 

A man using a Virtual Reality headset

An evolution in product and strategy

A leader in providing CMS support to higher education and government sectors, Squiz DXP has grown into offering a full Digital Experience Platform (DXP). 

This evolution has also significantly expanded content strategy opportunities for the brand. DXPs help organisations create sophisticated digital experiences, providing easier pathways to growth. From content orchestration across multiple CMSs through to advanced CRM integrations, DXPs offer organisations more control over their content and customer management. 

Avion created optimised long-form articles that helped build the Squiz DXP brand, increase SERP performance and showcase the client as thought leaders.



As a copywriting agency, we're often tasked with understanding and then translating complex subject matter into engaging thought-leadership articles and digital experiences. 

Nothing personifies this more than our work with Squiz DXP. The technologies used behind the client's product portfolio are highly complex, allowing for more sophisticated digital experiences built on complex SaaS and cloud-based integrations. 


Our team’s vast experience in digital and emerging tech was backed up by applying our mastery of plain English to target all pieces towards key decision makers in an organisation. Extensive desktop research allowed us to get our heads around the complexities of the client's product offering, without getting too stuck in the details that we couldn't then explain the offering to the client's target audiences.  Finally, ongoing engagement with Subject Matter Experts helped refine all content we produced to ensure technical accuracy and speak simply on niche subjects. 

A complex subject matter made simple. 

The landscape of what organisations can do when creating digital experiences is shifting fast. Personalisation is key for any brand's ability to scale and evolve, and DXP technology is key to this transformation. But it isn't a simple subject.


Long-form, engaging and clear deep-dives into concepts and products is key to expanding SEO reach beyond brand-led keywords to reach those unaware of your brand. Our work with Squiz showed, like day and night, the impact that this sort of work can have on search impressions, click-through-rates and eventual conversions. 

Doug Ross - Senior Content Strategist & Copywriter

Keeping comms open 

Key to the success of delivering long-form, detailed but engaging content was the nature of our relationship with Squiz DXP.

We worked closely with Squiz DXP to plan out content briefs in advance, providing strategic insights on SEO, strategy and copywriting. Ongoing conversations early on for each piece of work helped create shared understandings and expectations, while creating helpful and clear briefs to work to.

Multiple rounds of revisions also helped refine messaging to reflect the intended tone of voice and polish pieces so they matched those agreed expectations. 


Long-form deep dives written specifically for decision-makers has laid the foundation for Squiz DXP to build its top-of-funnel marketing.

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