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Defining a voice for the future of data security.

Avion worked closely with an emerging cybersecurity platform to establish its brand personality and provide web copy and supporting marketing materials for launch-to-market. 

The opportunity


ShadowSight's parent firm, Secmon1, saw a need for a more granular, AI-led and off-the-shelf software solution for managing cyber threats. But they needed help in telling their story and generating the collateral for launching their product.

The result


Avion's full suite of marketing and brand strategy collateral helped the ShadowSight successfully launch to market and communicate its unique selling point just as cybersecurity concerns were accelerating in Australia.

A man on a computer in an office

The real story of cyber breaches

Data breaches cost organisations on average $3.4 million in Australia. It's not commonly known that these breaches are driven by employee behaviour, most of which come not from malevolent actions but from unintentional mismanagement of an organisation’s existing software and digital tools. Too many cloud-based tools being downloaded under the radar. 

Built by leading Australian cybersecurity firm, Secmon1, ShadowSight is a platform that uses automation to build up a sophisticated understanding of an organisation and its business context. This helps it identify problematic employee behaviours more efficiently and help security teams filter through the mass of data that track everyday employee activity.


Secmon1 came to Avion to help it establish a foundation from which it could build out its branding, content strategy and execution. As a start-up, the ShadowSight platform  benefitted from having a blank slate for Avion to work with, helping the brand unify its rollout and avoid errors in its communications.

"We were immediately impressed by Avion. Their team got it from the start. They understood our platform, where it sat in the cyber security space and what we needed to successfully get into the market. The branding material produced by the Avion team was excellent, insightful and cost effective. We wouldn’t go anywhere else for marketing and branding advice."

Building a brand voice

Avion sat down with the team at ShadowSight to run a brand voice workshop. These in-depth sessions seek to understand the context for a brand, identify its core value within a market and explore and establish customer personas.


The resulting brand voice deck provided guidance on how ShadowSight could communicate its core value in a variety of relevant contexts, while breaking down key messaging for the brand’s three customer personas.


This brand voice deck helped ShadowSight:

  1. Eliminate confusion and errors in its communications

  2. Ensure consistency in future on-boarding

  3. Provide a foundation for content planning and execution

ShadowSight's live website 'How it works' section

Preparing for launch

"A human-led solution for a human-led problem, ShadowSight shines a light on internal risk."

The development of a clear brand voice, including an elevator pitch and other key messaging paved the way for more comprehensive marketing and sales materials as well as complete website copy.

Avion worked closely with the Secmon1 team to develop a whitepaper to support the launch of the ShadowSight platform. This gave the team the chance to make use of and expand upon all messaging points created as part of the brand strategy work we did.

ShadowSight whitepaper
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