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Heart Foundation's website

Heart Foundation

Creating consistency in a new website build.

When we had the opportunity to work with national heart health charity, the Heart Foundation, we jumped at it. Our task? Review. Rewrite. Refresh.

The opportunity

A complete website redevelopment of over 130 pages is no small task. The Heart Foundation carries a legacy of expertise, service and professionalism. They needed to communicate this as they updated their entire digital presence to better serve their community.

The result

The new Heart Foundation website is a complete re-imagining of the traditional website experience. It creates a personalised, user-first experience that best showcases help, information and support relevant to each person's needs.

Setting clear goals

Our output across a two-phase approach, covering a full audit and then rewrite of web copy, carried five goals for the new digital experienc:

  1. Be clear, engaging and helpful

  2. Follow a clear and logical information hierarchy

  3. Champion user-friendly language that’s in plain English

  4. Showcase best practice SEO and web accessibility

  5. Consistently speak in the Heart Foundation’s tone of voice across the new website.


Armed with a strong understanding of the Heart Foundation’s tone of voice, we were ready to get started. As a national charity that fights against the leading cause of death in Australia—cardiovascular disease—it was critical to ensure the highest standards were met.

A doctor consults a chart with their patient

Creating shared understandings

To make sure we could deliver high-quality work on time and manage timelines, we set up a content working group. This was a flat-hierarchy partnership of key stakeholders across Avion and Heart Foundation that worked together to ensure a smooth run for the project. 

Working across 12 sprints, we carefully tracked our copyedits with clear explainers for the working group. This cut out the need for back and forth and set shared understandings in our regular working group catchups. This process made approvals quick and easy as the client had a clear understanding of their role in the project as well as timings.

An avion team member writing on a white board

“Avion approached the project with enthusiasm, creativity and a focus to deliver on time. They perfectly understood the project requirements and enhanced the quality of content by expertly aligning the copy to the needs of our diverse audience. We had a great experience working with the team!”

Sona Babbar / Digital Content Lead

Phase 1: Audit

The first phase of the project was to conduct a thorough content audit. Through a clear traffic light system, we were able to parse and filter the full digital experience in the old state. This was translated into a clear IA for our digital partner agency to use for the website build, while also highlighting opportunities for improved user experience. Qualitative user testing found the old nav bar busy and not reflective of the needs of site visitors. The refreshed IA facilitated an easier consolidation of content as well as a smoother UX.


Heart Foundation's old navigation bar


Heart Foundation's new navigation bar

Phase 2: Editing + Copywriting

One of the first steps to refreshing content was creating templates for all new web copy. This was key in achieving consistency in on-page and off-page copy across the site—both for stakeholders and web developers. This included metadata, such as meta descriptions and meta titles, to ensure the new website would be optimised for search.

Drawing from search engine optimisation (SEO), user experience (UX) and web accessibility considerations, we put content into a clear and logical structure. Our strategic copyedits delivered consistent tone, layout and readability.

Heart Foundation's new website layout

A seamless user experience

The optimised web copy better promotes the Heart Foundations’ value and impact, highlighting what they do to increase support for the organisation.

Our strategic support, complete audit and copywriting reflected the new design’s audience-oriented focus. Importantly, we ensured all the content was consistent, easy-to-understand and used a tone of voice fit for a life-saving national charity.

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