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Gartner website


Paving the way to more traffic and conversions 

As one of the world's leading technological research and consulting firms, Gartner partnered with Avion to help systemise its approach to content with user intent in mind, while also auditing and rewriting copy in line with SEO recommendations. 

The opportunity


Gartner is a trusted advisor for more than 14,000 enterprises in 100+ countries. With a commercial interest to improve visibility for niche search terms, Avion’s mission was to positively impact quality score and overall brand authority.

The result


Avion created 23 content hubs across 7 different knowledge areas. Our copy decks spanned 3 different formats, ready for AB testing to measure changes to SERP rankings, visits, bounce rate, form fills, and report downloads.

Gartner website

More than just SEO copy optimisation

This project not only involved refreshing existing pages, but also creating new pages specifically targeting niche terms not yet featured on the Gartner website. 

Knowing strong relationships are integral to the success of any digital project, we applied our agile project management and leadership skills to split the project into 3 collective sprints. Key activities included the proactive co-creation of content briefs, regular team huddles, and several online tools. 

Recognising the importance of embedding ourselves within an organisation, we strategically focused on a smaller number of decks to be delivered in the first sprint to get the initial batch just right. This approach helped us iron out the collaborative process, too.

These interactive drop-downs allowed us to publish new search-optimised copy within the parameters of the site’s existing design —meaning there were no hold-ups creating new features. We could move quickly and efficiently. The use of accordions also allowed us to add content without blowing out page length, which would potentially compromise website performance and user experience. Best of all, the use of accordions was a strategic way to display FAQ-style content —exactly the conversational types of queries that Gartner was looking to capitalise on.


ROI included significant increases in page sessions and form completions (leading to data capture) and decreases in bounce rate.

Uplifting results without overhauling design

Working with Gartner’s Director of Marketing, Senior Marketing Manager and in-house web and SEO teams, we agreed the easiest way to make information available and intuitive to access would be through accordions.

Natalie Khoo

The Gartner website proudly equips executives with the information they need to make critical business decisions and stay ahead of change. Rewriting its content to meet the expectations of C-level audiences in an engaging way was not a simple task. Avion is proud of its proactive role in this project, researching and planning in a way that eased the cognitive load on in-house teams. The high standard of work we delivered was fitting for a world leader, such as Gartner.

Natalie Khoo - Founder & CEO, Avion

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