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Avion team in the office

Taking customer communications to the next level

A global leader in motor performance and design, this client doesn't have to try hard to turn heads. Wanting to match the sophistication of their vehicles with a modern approach to their customer support, they brought on Avion to execute a fresh strategic communications approach.

The opportunity


While our client had a comprehensive customer communications strategy in place for their financing arm of the business, research identified further gaps that could be filled to educate customers about their contract options across the full customer lifecycle.

The result


Our client knew what they wanted to say and who they were speaking to. Avion was brought in to distil the complexity of their customer base and product offering into simple logic and provide strategic guidance to create clear, informative and on-brand collateral.

Two men shaking hands in a car dealership

A global leader in search of stronger relationships

Our client is a global leader in automotive financing, who are always looking to build on their local capabilities across marketing and communications.
Leaning on a heritage of unparalleled performance, the international brand enjoys strong customer sentiment, supported by its broad range of products that cater for individuals right through to fleet managers.

The Australian team recognised that digital tools and platforms are making it easier than ever to build stronger relationships with customers, and they needed strategists and writers who could help them reach their goals.

A structured approach 

Starting with an audit, we quickly identified an opportunity to create a sophisticated, scalable communications approach.

Each customer scenario that our client mapped out represented conditions we could write to, and importantly, it offered us a way to personalise content to each customer using their existing data. This clear and strategic approach by the client lay the foundation for us to start working on a series of templates for each touchpoint. 


We began with End-of-Term communications, building a replicable approach to writing for two communications categories: marketing and transactional. Creating clear guidelines for different scenarios supported a smoother approval process across risk and legal teams as well as simple, scalable governance for the client.


Understanding that each product had an ideal use case, we were able to develop highly detailed and plug-and-play copy modules for eDMs, letters and SMS. The end result? A significant library of customised communications templates that supports a stronger relationship between the client and its customer base.

Our client's heritage of success and brand loyalty is built around strong in-person customer relationships and conversations.

Our work sought to bridge the gap between in-person, dealership conversations with customers and new capabilities to educate customers online. 

By seeking a detailed understanding of customer personas and what their needs were at every stage of the customer lifecycle, we could support dealerships by better educating customers and moving them further down the sales funnel. 

Clear and engaging content that helped customers understand their options was paired with a sophisticated merge tag approach to make it simple for the client to surface customer-specific information to individuals.

Two men consult a tablet device

Supporting in-person conversations

Doug Ross

"It’s not often that a client comes to you with a strong understanding of what they need and who their customers are. Knowing who we were talking to and what they needed from our communications, we could focus on the strategy – building a sophisticated understanding of the many moving parts to create a simple solution."

Doug Ross - Senior Copywriter & Strategist

A collaborative approach to content development

Our client has a complex product offering, so a collaborative approach was essential.

We quickly developed a collaborative mode of working with internal stakeholders to stay out in front of the ‘logic and template’ approach we developed together. Navigating the complexities of the client’s products, their audience segmentation and the timing of each touchpoint led to a simple but sophisticated solution that:

  • Handled many scenarios with a manageable suite of templates

  • Generated downstream efficiencies in development and implementation

  • Ensured consistency in branding and tone of voice across touchpoints

  • Provided relevant information at the appropriate time to customers

  • Simplified the creation and management of further communications

Guidance from the client provided us with the opportunity to identify ways to better communicate with its diverse audience. Together, we developed a complete suite of customer communications that matched their strategy and helped them achieve their goals. 

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