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Avion's founder, Nat, in a meeting

Reigniting a global tech platform's rewards experience.

Avion worked closely with a global technology leader to audit both the user experience and content of its rewards program. We delivered strategic advice and copy to improve uptake and engagement with both the rewards program as well as the company's wider tech ecosystem. 

The opportunity


The rewards program of this global software brand had been around for more than a decade, providing users with the opportunity to earn points for their engagement with the platform's ecosystem of products. In 2021, the company identified a need to improve how people discovered and interacted with the platform.

The result


Avion conducted a comprehensive traffic-light content audit that identified a range of opportunities to improve uptake and engagement through UX and copywriting updates. The result was a complete overhaul of the different pathways into signing up to the rewards program as well as changes to the platform itself.

Laying the foundations for a new brand message

Our client's rewards platform had a Unique Selling Point that wasn't being celebrated. We identified an opportunity to highlight the platform's incredible role in supporting charities around the world. By transforming rewards points earned by users into real-world charitable donations, the platform was a powerful tool for individuals to make a difference through their everyday engagement with the brand. This was an exciting story waiting to be told.


We isolated this messaging and brought it into key engagement areas across the updated experience. Doing this gave our client a foundation for long-term engagement with this messaging and supported our core work of refreshing the rewards experience.

A woman carries a tray of tree seedlings

To create a clear pathway towards success, Avion shaped a comprehensive yet intuitive scoring system to help the client easily visualise the results of the audit. The scoring system was split up in two: a Content Value Score and an Overall Touchpoint Score. This process was pivotal in helping our client plan and prioritise updates to the platform.

Phase 1: Content audit

Avion audited a total of 12 separate touchpoints that users interact with to discover and sign up to the rewards program as well as use the program itself. The goal was to identify opportunities to increase sign up rates and engagement through UX and content updates.

Content Value Score


To produce a Content Value Score, all touchpoints were evaluated for the availability, readability and utility of content. They were then evaluated on how intuitive the user experience was and to what extent content was ordered within a clear hierarchy, known as its ‘Information Architecture’.

Overall Touchpoint Score

The Overall Touchpoint Score approached the touchpoint as a whole (subpages included) and in context of the rewards program, scoring against how well the existing messaging conveyed core program information around the how, what and the why.

Content Value Score example
Doug Ross

No single content audit is ever the same, but the goal never changes: make it as simple as possible for your client to understand what's working for them and what needs to change. You can then do the work of helping them navigate how and when to make those changes. In this case, we used a custom scoring system that worked best with a platform that had many moving parts and many pathways to engagement. It kept things simple for both us and the client.

Doug Ross - Senior Content Strategist, Avion

Phase 2: UX Content recommendations

Once we had figured out what was working well and what needed to change, we provided a comprehensive, graded list of recommendations for the layout, design and content of the entire rewards ecoystem. 

Our content audited scoring system was key to identifying how and when to update elements of the platform. It acted as the foundation for contextualising and grounding our recommendations for the client. It gave us the criteria by which to measure the importance and potential effect of any of our recommendations, helping us grade recommendations so the client could easily break up and plan their updates.

We provided both copywriting and content layout recommendations to improve the user experience across three separate areas of Acquisition, Onboarding and Engagement. Following these recommendations, we provided concrete copywriting suggestions to plug in to new designs. These updates reflected the opportunities and criteria identified in the content audit phase.


Avion worked closely with its partner design agency to deliver a polished suite of materials to the client, including design, IA and content recommendations.

  • All plug-and-play messaging recommended by Avion was included in the revamped user experience.

  • New brand messaging around the philanthropic role of the rewards program was introduced and given equal weight, laying the foundation for future communications campaigns and improved brand perception.

  • Avion's IA recommendations were introduced throughout the experience, providing a more intuitive and smoother discovery and engagement with the program.

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