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The Hunger Project UK

Helping a non-profit to stand out in a crowded space

Non-profit organisations are always competing for attention and funding. So, if there’s a clear point of difference, with tangible results, why not capitalise on it? That’s how Avion helped The Hunger Project UK. Read on to find out more.

(Image credit: Lizeta, Burkina Faso, 2022 © The Hunger Project)

The opportunity


When we saw The Hunger Project focused on long-term community empowerment, as opposed to short-term solutions, we jumped at the chance to promote its vision. Our goal was to highlight the life-changing programs it’s delivering to people, on its website and through other digital channels.

The result


Through auditing content, actioning improvements, and planning ahead, we helped The Hunger Project UK showcase its great work – and identify opportunities to help it develop deeper relationships with existing partners and donors. Our expertise gave the team more confidence and direction with its marketing campaigns.

A strategic three-stage process

The Avion team was committed to sharing robust knowledge and skills – not just easy fixes. For this reason, we approached the project in three phases:


  • Phase one: We ran a content audit that aligned with The Hunger Project UK’s strategic vision and mission, existing collateral, and internal brand guides, to understand the big issues and establish appropriate steps.


  • Phase two: We rewrote the website copy based on SEO keyword insights to implement quick wins with high impact. The revisions focused on communicating in a way that would motivate action, boost credibility, and show the effects of its work and donors’ contributions.


  • Phase three: We conducted a donor profiles workshop to prepare The Hunger Project UK for future success. The outcome was a guidebook with targeted messaging for four key demographics and valuable recommendations on attracting and retaining donors.

Getting to the heart of donor communications

When rewriting copy for The Hunger Project UK, we leveraged our digital copywriting, editing, and UX capabilities with a strong non-profit lens. Areas we zeroed in on included, but were not limited to:

  • improving readability (by breaking sections into more manageable chunks, using bullet points, clear headings, shorter sentences, and more digestible language)

  • creating a greater sense of urgency

  • ensuring key messages were clear

  • promoting current projects and campaigns (e.g., Unleashed Women)

  • letting readers know how they could support quickly and easily

  • giving the user more directions (calls to action)

  • updating any out-of-date news or stats with newer stats as available.

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“Natalie and the team understood from the offset exactly who we were, our aims and how they could use their skills and expertise to support us. Their communication throughout the project was exceptional. We now have updated SEO keyword webpages and an incredible overview of our donor profiles to build from. Thank you Avion for all your support and work.”


Emma Bardsley - Marketing & Relationships Manager, The Hunger Project UK

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