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Creating a new pathway to product discovery

MYOB is a leader in accounting and business management software. As part of a brand-wide digital transformation, they needed help defining and shaping how a key customer group could discover their product. 

The opportunity


There are businesses that know exactly what they need from business management software, then there are those that need a nudge in the right direction. MYOB needed to help this second group discover and understand what’s possible and how MYOB helps businesses achieve the impossible.   

The result


As part of a complete website transformation, Avion led the content strategy and execution of a new journey to product discovery. The goal? Engage business owners who need extra guidance when choosing a software partner. Avion developed content that simplifies the journey to purchase for this customer segment through an education-first approach.

MYOB customer.jpg

Designing a fresh, user-first approach

MYOB’s product capabilities were already discoverable through existing 'features' pages. These pages dive deep into the many features within an arm of the MYOB product. This journey is built for customers who have a solid understanding of what they need from business management software.


We needed to speak to an audience that didn’t always know the ins and outs of what's possible. A first-time cafe owner who isn't clear on what's involved when managing their taxes. A consultancy expanding their business and paying new employees for the first time. A retailer opening up a second warehouse in a different state. They need extra support and nurturing to understand their responsibilities and how MYOB can help. 


How did we get it done?


MYOB is an energetic brand and doesn’t mince its words or complicate its messaging. So, together we opted for a simple navigation message.


‘I want to…’


Seeing this as a prompt to explore, customers can discover MYOB based on their core needs, whether they want to…'Get paid', 'Manage tax', 'Pay employees' and more. 

Through research, Avion identified a number of core customer concerns, all revolving around the importance of one thing when running a business: time.

Screen Shot 2024-05-13 at 10.25.41 am.png

Through this understanding, we developed a messaging strategy that emphasised the role MYOB plays in handing back time for all business owners, but giving them more control over how they operate their companies.


Relevant Australian and New Zealand statistics helped drive awareness and understanding of where time is lost when operating a business. We then backed this up with simple and engaging messaging around how MYOB helps give business owners what they need most to succeed.

Using research to drive our strategy

User testing led our decision-making across the project. Avion was closely involved in testing different content layouts and messaging approaches, allowing team-wide understanding and agreement on strategy.


The trick in this project was to differentiate these new pages from existing product pages. We achieved this by using outcome-driven messaging, helping customers understand the end-to-end capabilities of MYOB’s products. 

Doug Ross - Senior Content Strategist & Copywriter,  Avion

A seamless journey for discovery

With ‘I want to’ pages, MYOB can provide a journey of discovery and consideration for a specific customer base.


By working closely with product owners, designers and UX researchers, Avion was able to consolidate the many capabilities and features of MYOB’s product range into digestible information that both broadens and strengthens the brand’s online sales funnel.

MYOB 'I want to' page example
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