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MS Plus

A new way of speaking about neuro wellbeing.

As part of its rebranding, MS Plus (previously MS Limited) sought out Avion’s support in creating clear and simple user journeys that ultimately improve public access to information and support services.

The opportunity


MS Plus had significant legacy concerns with their content. The opportunity facing the team was to consolidate over 250 pages of content, spread across a site structure rife with hurdles. The goal was to create a digital experience optimised for those living with different neurological conditions so they can quickly find information and support.

The result


MS Plus has a clearly structured website that is built to prioritise the needs of those it serves: people living with neurological conditions. Research, advice, important information, and access to support services are all prioritised above other information. Language is carefully considered to remove unnecessary stress on those trying to find information. 

A physiotherapist helps a woman do exercises

Evolving how we talk about neurodiversity

Since 1956, the MS Society of Australia (now MS Plus) has been supporting Australians living with multiple sclerosis by giving them access to research, advice and support services.

As part of its rebranding to MS Plus in 2022, the organisation expanded its mandate to include 'neurological conditions' under its support network. The migration of all of its existing digital materials and webpages required putting them through a filter of how they could talk to not only those living with MS but those looking for support from conditions like Parkinson's disease, brain trauma or dementia.


Avion worked with digital design agency Yump Digital to come to a finalised architecture for the new MS Plus website, making important decisions about what content could be consolidated, kept or removed to create a smooth, intuitive digital experience.


While web accessibility underpins all the work we do, it was more important than ever to understand the nuanced way those living with MS and other neurological conditions engage with information on the web, keeping information clear and easily discoverable.


Beyond the strategic support of condensing these user journeys and simplifying the IA of the website, Avion played a lead role in updating all copy for the website to:


  • align with a new brand personality

  • improve uptake of services

  • improve education for visitors

  • build a positive and vibrant tone of voice through all language

  • communicate the expansion of the organisation’s role beyond MS to other neurological conditions.

A clear path forward

A website redevelopment project like this takes planning and a unified approach across all deliverables. Consistency of tone, grammar, user-first language and readability were all key to success. 

Natalie Khoo

As writers, editors and strategists, we're always shaping our work to align with the needs of our clients and their customers, but our work with MS Plus required a whole new level of attention to detail. It's impossible to truly put yourself in the shoes of those living with conditions like MS, but we worked closely with the team at MS Plus to shape language that wasn't taxing on an individual while remaining thorough in its delivery of information. That balance underpinned the success of this project.

Natalie Khoo - Founder & Director, Avion

Keeping things simple

With the need to consolidate so much existing content within a short time frame, Avion's approach with our partners at Yump and MS Plus involved simplifying things through a templated approach to content creation. 

All content across the MS Plus website was created by Avion and Yump according to a set number of templates. Shaping these templates and their usage across the site prior to starting any writing or editing meant we could make strategic decisions around content efficiently. 

While the use of templates and page modules across such a complex project made our lives easier, it also instilled a consistency in design and language that benefits those trying to access information and navigate the website. 

MS Plus new website layout

Page modules within set templates improved decision-making during auditing, made content creation efficient and contributed to a consistent user experience.

A foundation for change

By leaning on our strong relationship with partner agency Yump Digital, we were able to deliver an expansive library of content on time, setting the foundation for MS Plus to expand its services to all neurological conditions.

With nearly  70 years of providing valuable support and research to those living with multiple sclerosis, MS Plus is now in a position to build on this history to support a wider number of Australians living with neurological conditions. 

By leaning on a transparent client-agency relationship and breaking down the scope of work into manageable and trackable sections, Avion was able to deliver work that required minimal revisions and supported the organisation's long-term communications strategy.

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