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Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Setting a foundation for stronger content

As part of our annual commitment to the 1% For The Planet initiative, we donated 1% of our net turnover as services to a cause very close to our hearts. Australia's Great Barrier Reef has long been under threat, and we wanted to do what we could to help tell that story. 

The opportunity


Great Barrier Reef Foundation has a wealth of information for visitors to its website to absorb, with education playing a core part of its content strategy. We identified an opportunity to show the organisation an easy and effective way of approaching its content updates in line with fundraising communications principles.

The result


We supported the organisation with a comprehensive suite of copywriting for an upcoming communications campaign while also providing an easily digestible guide, tailored to the Foundation's context, to applying copywriting principles to its future website updates.

Natalie Khoo in a meeting

Identifying how we could help

We worked closely with the Foundation's communications team to understand their pain points day-to-day.


With this knowledge in our back pocket, we spotted an opportunity. Rather than just picking some low-hanging fruit webpages to update ourselves for the team, we wanted to give the Foundation something it could use in the long-term as its content strategy continued to evolve. We wanted them to have a simple framework it could lean on when auditing and creating content to assure better performance. 

From this realisation, we offered the Foundation two services. By supporting it in creating a series of templates for an upcoming campaign, we could convey some principles of fundraising communications that it could use going forward. Secondly, we would provide the Foundation with a guide to using the AIDA framework for copywriting and content planning, with specific examples related to its context. 

The Foundation had one of its most important annual communications campaigns, and we knew we could help the team refine content in line with copywriting and fundraising best principles. 

We provided a thorough deck of content recommendations for a donation landing page, email campaign and accompanying social media. 

These recommendations sought to provide the GBRF team with both actionable steps they could implement to improve their copy as well as insights they could apply going forward. From writing strong headings through to structural editing, we helped show how best to organise and communicate core campaign ideas in order to encourage donations. 

Providing actionable insights for comms campaigns

Writing for fundraising is tricky. How do you punch through after repeating the same strategy, year in and year out? GBRF needed support identifying new ways to approach its fundraising comms. 


We run regular workshops throughout the year for a host of non-profit organisations, providing them with actionable insights on copywriting within the fundraising space. It was a pleasure to be able to bring some of these lessons to life in our support for the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. 

Doug Ross - Senior Content Strategist & Copywriter,  Avion

Laying the foundation for future content

AIDA, ever heard of it? 





The second half of our engagement with GBRF involved the delivery of a complete guide to the AIDA framework for copywriting and content design. It incorporated the Foundation's own context to bring each principle to life and reveal how it could both audit and approach future copywriting and content design. 

From grabbing the attention of potential donors right through to improving how educational content is communicated, our guide offered something simple but powerful. GBRF had a checklist for assessing every piece of content it created so it could ensure consistent and effective communications going forward.

Screenshot of Content Audit guide
Screenshot of Content Audit guide
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