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ChatGPT prompt masterclass

Help your staff master the art of prompt engineering and fast-track quality content production using ChatGPT and generative AI tools. Register your interest in our 2-hour Zoom workshop today.

Content teams are already playing with AI as a research and productivity tool. But how effectively are they using it and how can you support your teams to adopt these tools at scale? It's time to go from experimentation to implementation.

Our 2-hour masterclass covers clever prompt engineering techniques that will empower teams to research and produce exceptional content – with precision and speed.

  • Formally introduce AI into production workflows

  • Significantly improve staff productivity

  • Amplify the ability to review complex information

  • Supercharge in-house content development

What your teams will learn

  • Upskill your content team in generative AI tools

  • Understand Large Language Models (LLMs) and best practices

  • See how we use ChatGPT and develop your own hacks, tips, and tricks to suit

  • Accelerate ChatGPT-based research and overcome writer’s block

  • Avoid mistakes associated with poor practice (such as plagiarism)

There will also be live demos that feature real-life examples relevant to your team. All participants receive a masterclass guide for their reference to keep.


Those who have not used ChatGPT will still be able to participate. However, some experience is useful. At a minimum, we suggest staff create a ChatGPT account prior to the workshop, so they can play along with activities on the day.​

Please note this workshop is not a copywriting course. It has been uniquely designed for experienced communications professionals looking to augment capability and optimise performance.

Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT are here to stay. Give your content team the opportunity to harness their power and work with AI, not against it.

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